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Bilbee Controls designs, engineers, and manufactures the traditional Model B-200 conduction type thermostats. There are multiple options within the Model B-200 available that allow system designers and engineers to control their systems as designed without compromise.


Bilbee Controls Historical Facts

Initially starting out as American General Thermostat in The Bronx of NY, Bilbee was formed over time through several company shifts. Over the years American General Thermostat eventually split into two companies named American Thermostat and General Thermostat. In the early 50's American Thermostat setup their factory in South Cairo, NY and manufactured thermostats there for 30 years. In 1980 an American Thermostats employee left the company and started manufacturing the B-200 style thermostat with American Thermostats approval and eventually formed Bilbee Controls. Bilbee Controls takes pride in being a USA manufacturer whose quality cannot be matched by over-seas competitors. In 2012 Bilbee Controls was purchased by a thermal control company based out of Bristol, CT. Rostra Vernatherm's business model of USA manufacturing, quality products, and superior customer service fit hand in hand with Bilbee's philosophy. Bilbee's products are now being manufactured in Bristol, CT.

B-200 Thermostats Stand Above The Competition

Certain applications call for special control characteristics, but in general, the three most important requirements are: (1) Little or no overshoot of the temperature setting on the initial warm-up cycle or on recovery; (2) A cycling differential sufficiently close for the application; and (3) Fast response to sudden heat loads and full recovery to temperature setting.

All of these requirements can be met with Bilbee Controls conduction type thermostats by carefully designing the device with the proper balance of thermal relationships between the thermostat, heating element, and the heated mass. The conduction relationship between the thermostat and the element should be close enough to avoid overshoot, but not so close as to cause very rapid cycling unless a very small amplitude is necessary. The conduction path from the thermostat to the loaded surface, such as the sole plate ironing surface of a flatiron, should be close enough to assure fast response to ironing loads. Although mounting the thermostat too close to an open type element may subject it to damaging radiant heat temperatures and also cause it to undershoot the setting on recovery. If needed, a heat shield may be placed between the thermostat and the heating element. Let our engineers help you design your thermal control solution; we will take care with the details that others overlook.

Our Services

Our engineers welcome the opportunity to work with development engineers on application problems, and strongly recommend that we do so in the early design stages.


Flatirons - Ironers - Waffle Irons - Sandwich Grills - Griddles - Casseroles - Deep Fryers - Roasters - Fudge Cups - Solder Pots - Vulcanizers - Sealing Machines - Sealing Irons - Ovens - Hot Plates - Other Household, Industrial & Laboratory Applications.

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Quality Features


Base plate in full-area conduction contact with the heated surface results in minimum overshoot, smaller cycling differential, and faster response to heat loading.

Positive Action

Forceful push-pull action of the thermal spring against strong contact spring tension gives clean make and break connections.


The external enclosure of heavy gauge steel gives complete protection against damage to the contact springs in shipment and in installation.


Calibration stability is high since there is no element in these units which will shrink, grow, or take a permanent set under normal operating conditions.


Rostra Vernatherm & Bilbee Control products are guaranteed by the manufacturer when installed properly, against all defects in material and workmanship, if installed properly and used in accordance with the installation instructions, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Rostra Vernatherm, under this guarantee is limited to the replacement of the product, and does not include expenses of removing or installing the unit. To make claim on this guarantee the customer must return the product with proof of purchase to Rostra Vernatherm. Modifying or disassembling Rostra Vernatherm or Bilbee products voids all guarantees.

Our products will only operate as well as the systems in which they are installed. We therefore expect the buyers of our products to be responsible for the proper design and fabrication of the systems in which our products are used. To assist our customers, we maintain a staff of sales engineers that can recommend the proper products to satisfy a particular system requirement.