Bilbee Controls B200™
Conduction Thermostats

Bulb & Capillary Stats
Standard & Water Resistant

Adjustable & Fixed
Conduction Thermostats

Adjustable Long Stem Conduction Thermostats
Conduction thermostats w/ adjustable control via. long stems.
Adjustable Med. StemConduction Thermostats
Conduction thermostats with adjustable medium stem control.
Adjustable Short StemConduction Thermostats
Short stem adjustable conduction type thermostats.

Online Store

Our online store sells all standard B200 thermostats, bulb & capillary units, and Ulanet™ products. Your order ships within 2 business days; rushed orders are possible. Visit our store by clicking the image above.

OEM Thermostats & Controls

B-200® Conduction type thermostats control operating temperatures of electrical appliances. Purchase original OEM components such as thermostats & switches. Our food service parts are OEM original & compatible. 

An in-house panel of engineers awaits your thermal control challenge. Let us share our expertise with you. With a legacy going back 80 years, Rostra, the owner and operator of Bilbee Controls is the trusted global leader in designing & manufacturing thermal controls.
Designing & manufacturing thermal controls for every industry
Engineering thermal solutions for over eighty years
Standard & Custom Conduction and Bulb & Capillary Thermostats

Thermostats that sense thermal properties through conduction

RoboTempThis product senses thermal properties through a thermally sensitive base plate enabling precise thermal control.

Thermostats that sense thermal properties remotely

freeze protection valveThis adjustable product senses thermal properties through a capillary tube and a sensing bulb for remote control.

Thermostats that provide adjustment controls to the user

thermal control valvesLong, Medium, and Short adjustment shafts allow the user to adjust thermal settings of this type of thermostat

Thermostats that are factory set and are not adjustable

mixing valveThese thermostats are set and sealed at the factory with a customer specified temperature and are not adjustable.