Fixed Setting B200™ Conduction Type Thermostats

B200 Fixed Setting Thermostats
Maintains a set pre-set fixed temperature(Max 545°F).

115 or 230V.A.C. (1500w)
Temp Range: RoomTemp - 545°F
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Adjustable Conduction Type Thermostats

Our fixed setting conduction type thermostats sense themral properties through a thermally conductive base plate. These thermostats do not allow for thermal adjustment, and are pre-set and calibrated at the factory to a fixed setting.

These units have a control range up to 545°F w/ a tolerance of +/- 5% of the set temperature.


  • Temperature control range from room temperature up to 545°F
  • Factory calibrated, and sealed
  • Temperature tolerance +/- 5% of set temperature
  • Can be "base mounted", or "side mounted"
  • Custom features beyond what is listed is possible through contacting us directly.
  • Size 2.132" x .667" x .507"
  • Terminals: #6-32 Tapped Rivets


Please Note
  • These thermostats sense via conduction through their base plate
  • On and Off temperatures are specified by the customer and set at the factory
  • Self sealing option is available for those who need to fine-tune prior to sealing.
  • Compatible in both AC and DC systems up to 1500 Watts Maximum (Watts = Volts x Amp)
  • Tabless units are available, see mounting options in the online store or request a quote.
  • Male terminal spades are optional see "Terminal Options in the online store or request a quote.